Limits Do Not Define You


Mighty Mike Simmel’s message, "Limits Will Not Define Me, My Will Defines My Limits,” was communicated to the Allendale students through an entertaining assembly. 

Mighty Mike captivated his audience by displaying his amazing athletic basketball stunts. As he dribbled numerous basketballs blindfolded, shot spinning balls from his fingertips and danced around with such silliness, the students laughed and cheered! This also gave Mighty Mike the opportunity to invite students to learn under his kind direction. 

Mike Simmel explained his journey as a young child struggling with epilepsy. By using adaptive physical education classes he overcame his slow motor development.  Through his father’s guidance he found a passion for basketball. 

By demonstrating his struggles, students were invited to look at their own difficulties. Reaching for success is within everyone’s grasp if we just work hard enough.