The Brookside Ecology Center


On a sunny November afternoon, the Brookside Ecology Center was at last officially dedicated. Brookside Environmental Club advisor Kitty Barnett, along with members of the Environmental Club, past, present and even future gathered in the newly designed courtyard.

Among the group was Highland’s Freshman Mikayla Covello, who as a 6th grader first proposed the idea to convert the unsightly area into an ecology center.  Now this courtyard showcases native plants, a pond with fish, a bird bath and a Zen garden. A mother duck raised her family in the pond and several teachers eat lunch there on mild days. The Club members pull weeds faithfully and hope to begin an initiative to add cafeteria waste to the compost bin.  To paraphrase Mikayla, who spoke so eloquently at the dedication, the Ecology Center started with an idea, a dream.  And now it is a reality because so many people worked so hard to make Mikayla’s dream come true.