Grants for 2015-2016

As a result of the community’s generosity, AFEE is funding more than $150,000 in grants for the 2015-16 school year.  A significant portion of these funds will go towards transforming the existing Brookside library into an Educational Learning Center. This grant will help create a modern space that fosters and enhances collaboration among students and teachers, and will provide the technological support necessary for a 21st century learning environment.  The new space also will include an area for exploring STEM topics. 

Some of the other exciting grants AFEE approved for the 2015-2016 school year include:

  • Introduction to Engineering, a program of The College of NJ and a key component of NJ’s Next Generation of Science Standards (Kindergarten)
  • Animals & Their Habitats (1st grade)
  • Earth Balloon (2nd grade)
  • “Maker-Spaces:” Creativity, Discovery & Exploration Workshops (4th grade)
  • MusicFirst, an online music assessment & tracking program (4th -8th grade band participants)
  • Vernier Projectile Launcher (8th grade)
  • Lego Robotics Club (6th-8th grades)
  • Perfection on Wheels & Bounce Out the Stigma anti-bullying presentations (K – 8th grades)

Expect to hear more about these and many other grants throughout the school year. 

Complete list of grants for the upcoming school year.