The AFEE board of trustees is comprised of parents, faculty members and administrators of the Allendale Schools. This board meets one time a month to plan for our exciting events.   The board and its subcommittees plan for Community Night Out, AFEE shopping days, Theater Week and the Harlem Wizards. This board of trustees is also responsible for designing, organizing and running the annual Auction, which is our biggest fundraiser of the year.

It is a great way to get involved in your child's education that allows you insight into the inner workings of the schools.  It's a way to make a positive difference in their education and lives.

Please consider joining today.  You can contact us or download the AFEE Trustee Application.


Carla Morena - President
Sarah Dunlavy - Vice President
Kim Rosner – Secretary
Kate Petrow - Grants Chair
Jen Barnett - Auction Chair
Deanna Johnston - Treasurer


Kelly Cusato
Cathy Labbate
Lisa Kane
Kate Keenan
Jen Lavine
Stacey Patterson
Kelly Schroeter
Kirsten Subrani
Lisa Walsh
Gillian Sadowsky
Dana Brown
Nicole Campestre
Donne Booysen
Emily Bratten
Terra Smith
Lauren Sacks
Sarah Breckenridge
Tobi-ann Conte
Dana Neill
Nicole Weiss
Jessica Van Dyke
Julia Margogliotta
Christina Jasko
Aditi Chhada
Natalie Saadi
Gabby Laurenzo
Tara Lucas
Sheila Berni


Kim Coleman
Michelle Pepper
Jennifer Jacobsen
Jessica Parciasepe

Interested in becoming an AFEE trustee?  You can contact us or click below for an application form.
AFEE Trustee Application